Time Lapse Video

Creating a time-lapse video for construction projects is an excellent way to showcase the entire process, from groundbreaking to completion, providing viewers with a unique and engaging perspective on the project's evolution over time. I offer time lapse video services to cover any length of construction project with solar powered 4K cameras that need no cabling and can transfer images to a dedicated client portal so you can keep up to date on progress with the time lapse video so far, and download individual images from a specific date and time.


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Northdene Footbridge Removal - Costain

time lapse camera 220º view, The Strand, Liverpool

Sample Image from a time lapse camera with 220 degree field of view

Time lapse view west cross a moor roundabout lake district
time lapse camera 220º view north west cross a moor lakedistrict
raising mast with time lapse camera

Installing time lapse cameras on 6m tilt over lattice towers

time lapse camera on mast