4k Time lapse video via 4G or Wi-Fi connection

I recently installed 2 more time lapse cameras on a site near Ulverston in the Lake District for a new road and roundabout scheme. With these time lapse cameras my client will be able to view their project as it's happening, download images to use for updates and progress meetings, share an up to the date video with colleagues and clients and all in 4K with a 220º field of view.

Should I need to increase or decrease the capture rate, change the operating times and days I can do so remotely without disturbing any equipment.

The cameras are easy to install, weatherproof and self powered with a solar panel and back up battery, they require no external power supply and no cabling, which makes them ideal for any short or long term construction projects.

time lapse camera installed on 6m winchable mast

Time lapse camera installed on 6m mast

time lapse camera being winched in to position on 6m mast

Time lapse camera being winched in to position on 6m mast

Checking the position of the camera via bluetooth app

Remotely downloaded image from camera in position via web portal